HAARP geophysics

HAARP geophysicsTechnology to control the weather
Dr Nick Begich

Research on HAARP and its implications for controlling the weather, effecting the geophysics of the planet and populations, as well as how we can develop a strong influence for personal and global change through technology and our own internal power. 

An independent website with real-time sensors from placed in rural areas across the United States recorded readings, in and around the New England area, literally off the charts, lending credence to claims that Hurricane Sandy was possibly engineered  to cause massive destruction.



Holes In Heaven… what is HAARP?
What On Earth Will It Take? part 1


All presentation are for educational purpose.



We are about possibilities… perspectives, observations, deductions, reason, and more possibilities. Is it a maze? No, I think not. It is a dream. It is akin to multiple personality disorder (dissociation – dissociative identity disorder). Getting in touch with reality requires spiritual progress. Any information provided here is offered for entertainment purposes only. Discernment is always required.





2 thoughts on “HAARP geophysics

  1. HAARP … A Global Threat?
    I wondered what scientist are saying:

    Most of the links that I found were to papers that are only available in full with a subscription. However, it is obvious that the HAARP technology can be used as was described in the video features I posted.

    So, I learned that there is tremendous potential for altering the ionosphere if the technology is used from many points, as it is. See also:
    Holes In Heaven… what is HAARP?
    What On Earth Will It Take? part 1

    The value of the effective absorbed power can significantly influence the F-layer response to highpower radio waves in the mid-latitude ionosphere. The more the effective absorbed power (EAP) is, the higher the values of maximal amplitudes of variations of ionospheric quantities.
    Any information provided here is offered for educational purposes only. Discernment is always required.
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